Ultra Fast On-Device Computer Vision Library for Mobile & Embedded

Target Applications

  • Automotive Driver Assistance
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Vision
  • Robots / Drones
  • Enhanced Mobile eCommerce
UncannyCV Features
  • Rich Function set of 70+ Vision functions
  • Optimized for ARM Cortex A series processors
  • Leverage NEON (SIMD) extension
  • Advanced Cache Management
  • Easy Integration & Extensive Testsuite
High Performance with small footprint
  • 2X to 20X Faster than reference ‘C’ Implementations
  • Real-time Performance for Automotive Applications
  • Capable of running on even low-end Mobile platforms
  • Available on wide range of ARM platforms
Customer Engagements
  • Two of Top 10 Automotive OEMs
  • Two of Top 10 Automotive Tier-1 Suppliers
  • Three of Top 10 Smartphone Makers
  • Leading Home Surveillance Solution Provider
  • Leading Digital Camera Maker

Comprehensive Computer Vision Library