UncannyCV iOS SDK

A ready Computer vision Software Development Kit (SDK) tailored for the needs of an iOS developer.

An application developer targeting camera applications, often face performance bottlenecks whenever he tries to do more than just video recording. Most of the image processing operations are performance intensive. Most real time computer vision operations are not even feasible to do at good quality and high frame rates.

Here comes UnannyCV. We are built for ARM, the most ubiquitous computing platform of the embedded and smartphone/tablet world. Our rich set of algorithms help you overcome the image processing and computer vision performance bottlenecks.

SDK Contents:

  1. UncannyCV library,pre-built for iOS. This will work on all devices that have an Cortex A series ARM processor. You can link to this from your own C/C++ or Objective C Code.

  2. Test bench, contains the C test code invoking each of the above APIs. You can easily understand the usage of all of our APIs from this.

  3. Sample iOS application a full UI application utilising our algorithms. Source code for the sample is also included. You can just open this in Xcode and quickly get started. This application demonstrates calling our C-built UncannyCV library from Objective C iOS code.

  1. You can see the detailed algorithm listing at Optimised Computer Vision Algorithms